Monday, July 6, 2009

Could it still be a maybe baby month?

I am taking 160mg soy and I am on CD 8 and I've had some crazy cramping today. My lower backs hurts like hell too. So I'm hoping that this means soy is going to work for me and I won't have to keep going back to the RE for Clomid! It's crazy how pain can make you happy sometimes. I might actually O this month and not waste it, which would be soooooo awesome.


  1. Hey there...just stumbled on your blog and I too am a girl with PCOS trying to conceive. You mentioned soy like it helps you to ovulate. I hadn't heard that before but I am really wanting to look into alternative medications to either help me ovulate or suppress my testosterone production. Thanks

  2. HI I read your post here I think somehow I am seeing more myself in you.. I mean your very articulate in letting out what you really feel while me I cramble or there is too many things on my mind and I can'tr cathch up to post it here..Btw I am a Pcos warrior too..TTC for 2years and haven't had any success or any news if I am ovulating or if there is more..I hope I could hear from you soon..I mean hope you could give us updates what's happening with you..Take care and have faith, prayer really helps..God BLess

  3. im also a PCOS warrior and i totally relate the excitement i feel over every cramp, twinge, etc on our TTC journey. i can't wait to hear if you O'd :) keep in touch!!!