Monday, June 18, 2012

Second beta results tomorrow

I should get the results of my second beta test tomorrow morning! Definitely on pins and needles, I'm so anxious to hear my doctor say that everything is looking great. The period has officially been skipped, I should've started roughly two days ago, and the symptoms are coming in force. A lot of pulling and twinges and bloating like crazy. I could swear I am already showing, so I started googling it to make sure I'm not going insane and apparently it is very common to show early in a second pregnancy. There were multiple forums where I saw women complaining about starting to show almost immediately after they found out, some even said that was how they knew. I can tell most of what I've got is just bloat, but damn if my pants aren't starting to feel uncomfortable already. I thought I would have a few weeks but I may need to start digging out the old maternity clothes and getting them washed and ready to go. But I guess first things first....first I need to get a call from the doc. I'm feeling optimistic though, I haven't had any menstrual like cramping and absolutely no spotting. So I think it looks good.

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