Monday, June 4, 2012

Finally have a chance

Had a couple more appointments since my last post. On Saturday I got the great news that I was ready to trigger!!! (For you fertile folks, that is a shot we get of hcg that forces our eggs to ovulate) I had an 18, plus a 14,13, and 11. My doctor said the 18 will obvious ovulate and usually anything over a 12 will as well. So he thinks the 11 might have even bulked up a bit in the 14 hours that spanned between my ultrasound and my trigger shot that night and I could have as many as 4 eggs! Which is amazing! We thought we were going to have to cancel this cycle and suddenly my body just decided to work. So we triggered Saturday night and I have been pulling out all the old tricks I can still remember. Elevating the hips, just lay there or sleep as long as possible, I went out and bought a thing of preseed again since it seemed to work last time.  I'm sooooo hoping this works and we don't have to do another cycle of injections. I had been taking them for so long it actually feels weird that I don't have to take a shot before bed anymore. Definitely don't miss them though, I was starting to get little bruises on my stomach from the multiple shots. Fingers crossed!!! I should be able to stay busy and not think about it tooooo much. My brother graduates in a couple weeks. We are so proud of him, he actually made it through high school and is graduating on time, autism and all. It was a long road with a lot of battles but he made it. We will be having a party at our house the day of graduation so I have a lot of cleaning and preparing to do in the next couple weeks. Hopefully it will keep me busy so I don't go analyzing every little symptom I get like I used to during the TWW. (Two week wait, waiting to take a pregnancy test) So now it's on to cleaning, buying a lot of red and black decorations, and trying not to think about babies!

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