Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Doing all the wrong things

Apparently I got a lovely case of sun poisoning over the weekend. Which sucks enough on it's own, let me tell ya, but apparently it is going to effect my fertility as well. We went in on Monday (Yes, memorial day, they had to unlock the building just to see me) and my larger follicles haven't grown any and it seems like a few smaller ones may have gotten a little bigger. Still nothing we can work with. Then the doctor informed me that I have to drink insane amounts of water because of my sunburn. She said sunburns can dehydrate us on their own, and if I am not getting enough liquids my follicles won't grow. So if I don't drink like a gallon a day my follicles won't grow regardless of my injection dose. Ugh, I swear I have the worst luck. My vitamin D deficiency was an issue, so I thought heck yeah a day on the beach will be good for me! Wrong.
 Lily and her cousin at the beach

With Daddy

Playing in the sand

I've apparently done all the wrong things in the cloth diaper department as well. I have been doing more and more research and apparently washing them in an HE front load washer is COMPLETELY different from washing them in a top loader. I've been using an insanely large amount of soap, no where near enough water, and not rinsing them completely. So I had to strip them. I tried the dawn method and it ended horribly for me. No matter how much I rinsed them in the sink before putting them in the washer for a final rinse I couldn't get the soap off and they foamed up like crazy. So about 12 rinse cycles later they were not soapy, but some still smelled of poop. So I decided to go with the hot water method. I threw all the clean diapers in the washer and put it on sanitary (extra hot) with no soap and set it on the longest cycle. They soaped up like crazy, my "clean" diapers were anything but. So after a few extra rinses I finally had good smelling diapers again. (Thank goodness) Now I have cut back my laundry soap drastically and I am continuing to cut it back while paying attention to how many rinses it takes to get them clean. I may finally be getting the hang of this.

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