Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The start of our adventures in cloth diapering

So far I have been LOVING cloth diapers. The only downside I would say is the large start up cost, because you have to try and get enough diapers to switch over. Right now we are at 6 diapers but I have a few more already on the way. With 6 diapers I can successfully make it through a day, but I have to wash them daily to keep from using any disposables. Which is getting old FAST. I don't mind washing them, but having to do a small load everyday I know will begin to run up my electric bill more and it is tiring. Plus the outside cover of the diaper never dries as fast as I'd like it to! (I'd hate to see how long it takes those All in Ones to dry!) Other than that though everything is perfect.

My mother claims that when I left Lily with her the diaper "soaked through" and got her clothes wet. All I can guess is either it reached capacity or the soaker inside shifted while she was in her car seat and she bypassed it. I don't think it "soaked through the diaper", because I've been using them for days, and even using them overnight (when Lily usually pees through her disposables) and I've never had an issue.

Now that I have a core amount of name brand diapers that I've used and trust, (I've started out with bumgenius since they have the one year warranty) I'm starting to branch out and look for diapers on etsy and zulily. The handmade diapers are SO much cuter, and if I can find a couple individuals who do a good job making them I won't have to buy the name brand ones anymore, which are kinda boring. I'm also sticking with the one size pocket diapers since we are trying for another baby. I would love to keep them for the next one and not have to buy all new, and Lily should be fully potty trained by then. 

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