Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Deciding to come back and continue my blog after a VERY long break. We are still currently trying for baby #2, though still no luck yet. The femara apparently doesn't work for me anymore so we have had to move on to injections. I am currently in the middle of a gonal f cycle right now, but this is likely going to be the only one. It's SO expensive that we will have to take huge breaks in between cycles to save up the money. Each time it doesn't work you can't help but think "great, another $1000+ I just flushed down the toilet" but I do my best not to think like that. Definitely beginning to feel like a pincushion though with all these daily shots. Hopefully we will get lucky this month!

On a happier note: Lily is almost 2 years old now! 

My teeny tiny preemie is a big girl! It's so hard to believe that the baby that I could hold with one hand is now SO BIG! Our worries have changed from how much milk she was getting and how little breast milk I was making to whether or not she is going to climb up onto the kitchen table again when I'm not looking or take crayons to my wall again. My oh my how our lives have changed.

 We are going a trial run on cloth diapers right now to see what we think about them. Be bought 3 bumgenius pocket diapers and so far I like them. She had two big poops with no issues and last night I double lined it and she didn't pee through it in the night. Now I have to wash them though, I guess this is the true test on whether or not I will want to do cloth diapers long term! One good thing though is that the detergent we use is considered cloth diaper safe, so I won't have to change anything.

And happy mommies day to all the mommies!!! ESPECIALLY all the ones who were trying before and are now celebrating their first Mother's Day as mommies after a very long road!

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