Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baby Fever

Every since we decided to try for #2 I have had the most intense case of baby fever. And now that we aren't taking meds anymore it almost feels painful. I feel just like I did trying for #1, everytime someone announces a pregnancy I feel angry and want to stop talking to them and never see them again. It's like they are getting babies easily even though we are trying so hard for it! I want to keep trying soooo badly! This waiting game is ridiculous! I'm in this weird limbo right now. We took femara this month and at CD 17 only had one 10mm so we cancelled, but we are now waiting for AF that isn't showing. I don't know if I Oed, if I did I don't know when, and I have NO clue when my period will show up. This is hell. *sigh*

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