Monday, April 11, 2011

Lily's 9 month check up

I made this a separate post for any who are TTC #1 and don't want to read all about her doctor's appointment.
The doctor was AMAZED how great Lily is doing. She said she is far above what they would expect from a preemie baby and even ahead of the curve for some full term babies. About the only thing that is preemie about Lily now is her size, she is still on the preemie scale and much smaller than other babies her age. She measured 26.5 inches and 16lbs 5ozs. :) Which is the 70th percentile for length, and 70th percentile for weight. Her head is still a little small, coming in at the 40th percentile, but the doctor said she wasn't worried. Now we don't have another check up till she is a YEAR OLD! I can't believe she is almost a year old, it completely blows my mind. I swear the time flew by so fast I feel like I missed it all, which makes me so thankful that I am a picture whore LOL! I look back at my pictures from months ago and I'm like holy crap it really has been that long, definitely doesn't feel that way though. I'm REALLY looking forward to her party, I never thought I would be able to throw a birthday party for my own child! It feels amazing.

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