Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Bunny

Another beautiful day! I could definitely get used to these, but I know we are supposed to have some VERY bad storms roll in late tonight. We took Lily to the mall this morning so she could get pictures with the Easter Bunny. I was kinda worried. When we took her to see Santa Clause she was still pretty young and just stared at him, it took everything to make her smile. She has started crying when being held by people she doesn't know now, so I was so worried I was going to hand her to the bunny and she would just scream. Especially when we were second in line and the kid in front of us was having a full blown meltdown. On the floor screaming and kicking kind of a meltdown, and the bunny wasn't even there yet! We were still waiting for the Easter Bunny to show up! We kept trying to distract Lily by getting her to laugh but she kept staring at the boy having a tantrum. I was terrified she would see him freaking out on the bunny and follow suit. Once that bunny showed up she forgot all about the boy though and just stared at the bunny. I didn't know if she was freaked out or interested. But once we got her on his lap she was all smiles. She wanted to grab at his face and feel his fur, she thought he was awesome. We were SO lucky! After watching the other kid fall apart I thought for sure we were doomed, but we got some good shots. Now all I have to do is get off my butt and finally address all of our Easter cards! LOL!

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