Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award!

I just received the versatile blogger award from Mandi!!! Thank you for nominating me!
Here are the rules:
1.) Winners- Put the above image in your blog.
2.) Include a link back to the person who gave it to you.
3.) Tell 10 things about yourself
4.) Award 15 other bloggers
5.)Contact the bloggers you awarded and let them know they won.
Here are 10 slightly interesting things about me...
1.) I met my husband back in high school marching band. Band geeks unite!
2.) I am an Avon representative
3.) I'm currently getting certified as a wedding planner so I can start my own business
4.) I have two tattoos and I have been planning many more, they are just too expensive
5.) I'm a self-proclaimed hard ass but can't stand people being mad at me, which don't work together well.
6.) I'm a horrible housewife, I would rather do ANYTHING other than clean
7.) I received a bachelors in elementary education and substituted for a year just to find out I can't stand the public school system and never finished my masters because of it.
8.) I was at Virginia Tech when the shooting occured, my class was two buildings to the left and my sisters class was two buildings to the right. Luckily I skipped class that morning. We couldn't get ahold of eachother for hours.
9.) My brother is autistic
10.) I can't stand people who think having money makes you better and/or more important. I have everything I need right here, every thing else is just extra.
My nominees!- I don't know 15 and I'm not sure how to search for blogs, so I'll put who I have that hasn't already received this.


  1. Congrats, how exciting! Quite the list of interesting facts about yourself.

  2. Here from ICLW, and saying hello to a fellow Hokie. We were there for many years, but we left six months before the shooting. I had been working at the Women's Center, so my colleagues were involved in the aftermath.