Thursday, April 14, 2011

Amazing news!!!!!

I've been completely stressed and depressed lately at the news that we will need to start doing injections in order to get pregnant. We do NOT have the money for it, we were barely affording the $300-$600 a month we were already paying to do Femara cycles since they require payment at the time of service. Well I called up the billing line today and asked if I could set up some kind of a payment plan, so I wouldn't have to worry about paying out of pocket all the time. There are some appointments where I don't need an ultrasound and just pay my $20 copay, but there are also times where I pay $180 for an ultrasound and he wants me to come in the very next day for another one so I need another $180, and it is impossible to budget it all out because I never know what I am paying or when. The lady with billing let me set up a payment schedule and since I have one in place I won't have to pay out of pocket when I go in to the office, I just tell them I have a payment schedule and to call billing if they need to confirm. And the amazing part is that she set me up for only $200 A MONTH! To them $200 a month is extremely great because most can't afford to pay that much to medical bills, and to me it is FANTASTIC because it is EXTREMELY less than what I would be paying on my own! So it doesn't matter if I get 3 ultrasounds or 10 ultrasounds that month, I only have to keep up with my payments! This brings my stress level down a ton. Out of 10 I was easily at a 9 before, and now I am like a 3 or a 4. I was SO upset when after finding out Femara wasn't working, I was devestated because I knew injections weren't something that fit into our situation right now. The ultrasounds would break us alone and we still had to worry about injectable meds and the fact that my doctor's office is an hour and a half away so thats a ton of gas. This payment plan is our saving grace. Now if this cycle truly is a bust it isn't the end of the line for us, we could actually keep trying!

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