Friday, April 1, 2011

I HATE April Fools Day

I don't think I've ever had anything GOOD happen on April Fools Day before. This morning started off by my BIL calling my husband at 8am to tell him he had got into a car accident. Then after a few minutes he told him April Fools....HOW IS THAT FUNNY??? How is tricking someone into thinking you got into a car accident fun? Then we had to drive an hour and a half to my RE's office for my appointment. He wants us to try a little longer with just the Femara since we know it works before we up any of my treatments. He is really hopeful that we can get the Femara to work for me again, so I will be starting that tonight. Then I went through hell at the pharmacy trying to pick it up! My doctor was supposed to call it in, but when I got there they had no record of the prescription. So I'm calling my doctors office and the receptionist keeps giving me the run around and wants to get an attitude with me, then all she does is take the info and forward it to their pharmacy for them to handle and says they will call me back....yeah right! I never heard from them, I knew I wouldn't. So I turned around and called the nurse line and left her a message, knowing she would remember us from this morning. She finally called me back, apparently my doctor sent the prescription to the wrong pharmacy. So she sends it to my pharmacy and thinks problem solved, right? Wrong. While we were playing phone tag and everyone was pointing fingers the other pharmacy filled the prescription, so now it is null and void and cannot be filled again! So I have to try to get the info for that pharmacy, so my pharmacy can call them and cancel that prescription so that they could fill it instead. And this all going on for over and hour and Lily is in the cart screaming at me because she is getting just as fed up as I am about it. I'm actually thankful she was as patient as she was actually. It was a complete fustercluck. And after all of this I still had to wait for them to fill it! *sigh* So I am ready for today to just be over with already.
On a positive note though, Lily's birthday dress was finally delivered! I love it! Her birthday is July 11th, one week after Independence Day, and the weekend we want to celebrate is right in between the two. So, this dress was PERFECT! I can't wait! My baby is getting so big!

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