Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to have a "girls night" without telling the girls I'm trying for a baby....

We haven't gone public that we are trying to have another baby. Lily is about 9 months old now, and I know many people aren't going to "approve" of us trying to have another so soon. To be honest, I don't care what they think but I just don't feel like having to hear their "advice". Notice that is in quotes, because one person's "advice" is another person "freakin annoying". I have a friend who just moved back into the area and started setting up these girls nights every month, which is an awesome idea. I see girls from high school I haven't seen in forever and have only talked to on facebook. However, now that we are ttc I'm not about to go out and drink a bunch because regardless of what part of my cycle I'm at a bunch of alcohol isn't exactly a good idea. I'm either on pill to make eggs, hormone injection to ovulate, or I'm waiting to find out if I'm pregnant. But how am I supposed to keep taking it easy without bringing attention to myself? And those who notice go straight to "OMG are you pregnant???" *sigh* I wish! It's okay, add a little more salty insult into my injury. Not that they know, but every time I get asked that it's like a reminder that no, I can't get pregnant on demand like the rest of you. What a dramatic and difficult time my "fun girls night" has become. :-/


  1. If you're Catholic say you've given up alcohol for Lent. If you're not Catholic say you've converted and now you're giving up alcohol for Lent. :-) Hope you can enjoy yourself without too much stress.

  2. I can completely relate... my husband and I decided not to reveal that we are TTC until I'm actually pregnant (fingers crossed that it will happen someday!) and far enough along where we feel confident that it will stick. It's hard enough dealing with infertility without the added pressure from everyone around me. I don't need people asking me all the time if I'm pregnant only to have to say no. I've stopped drinking because I'm on Metformin and I just tell people that I'm on a new med to help with my PCOS... it's not a lie, but they don't need to know the whole truth yet. Best of luck on #2!

  3. Don't worry about what people say. If you want to tell - do. If not - don't. People who don't have IF issues don't understand that TTC soon after having a baby could still means months or years. If I were you, I'd probably be doing the same thing! I wish you much good luck, and your daughter is SO adorable! :-)