Friday, May 25, 2012

Small follies and stinky diapers

Well my RE appt this morning actually went well. We aren't ready to ovulate, but it did seem like I had dominant follicles starting in both of my ovaries. One had a 11mm and the other had a 12mm, but we have to be careful because I also have about ten 7-8 mm follies in each ovary as well and I don't want any of those to get too big. I don't need my own TLC show thank you very much. (Though I LOVE Quints by Surprise, I follow them on Facebook and everything I'm addicted) So we are staying on the same dose I'm on and going back in again on Monday.
 Decisions, decisions...

I also stripped Lily's diapers last night, which took FOREVER because Lily had a night terror and woke up while I still had a sink loaded with diapers. Plus I had to rinse them several times to get the suds to go away. They smelled fantastic when I finished so I thought it was successful, but when I smelled them this morning when they were dry they still smell like poop! It's so frustrating! So I have the stinkies in the wash again right now. I read somewhere that with HE washers they don't come clean because there isn't enough water and it is good to run them on the bulky/large setting, so I'm trying that. Plus I think I will turn them inside out and do another quick wash that way and see if it helps.

Here's Lily at ice cream with some friends. Always has to be the center of attention, lol.

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