Thursday, May 24, 2012

Joining the strip club

Yeah, definitely not as exciting as it sounds. Apparently when I first got our cloth diapers I was using WAY too much detergent when I washed them. (Or at least I think that is what caused it) So now all poopy diapers have gained a permanent funk to them and it doesn't matter how often or long I wash them they still smell like poop. I even tried washing them in very hot water with no detergent to get rid of any buildup but it didn't seem to help. So tonight I have to strip all of them. (Insert sarcastic "woohoo" now) I have an HE washer so my plan is to fill one side of our kitchen sink with hot water and dawn (the blue one) and soak them for like 20 minutes, then turn them all inside out and soak for another 20. (They will have already been washed once when I do this.) Then I will fully rinse them on the other side of the sink to get all of the dish soap out so I don't mess up my washer. Then it's back down to the basement to rinse them one more time in the washer and make sure we have no bubbles. HOPEFULLY this will work and get the funk out. I have one diaper I have washed I know 5 times and it still smells horrible. Plus after sticking your nose in several poop smelling diapers to check them, that smell gets stuck in your nose and you smell it all day. :-/

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