Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tomorrow is the big day

I go back to the RE tomorrow morning to see if we have any good eggs. When I was there last week the doctor mentioned that we would need to make a decision this week on what we want to do. We talked about it and decided that if there is nothing growing by this ultrasound that we would just cancel this cycle. Tomorrow will be CD 24 for me, so waiting any longer for something to grow would be silly. I would be ovulating way too late in my cycle to have a good chance at getting pregnant. Obviously if I have any big enough to trigger we will, but if not we are better just starting over. I will likely wait a few weeks to get some finances in order before starting the provera, that way we will be prepared to start paying for ultrasounds again next month. If this cycle is a bust then we would've paid almost $2000 in a month for nothing, so we need a little bit of a break in between to get back on track before we jump into another cycle. I'm telling myself that even though this cycle may not have been successful in making me ovulate, we learned what doses of injections don't work for me so it will be easier and faster in the future. Still have my finger crossed for tomorrow though...

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