Monday, June 22, 2009


My anniversary present

Our anniversary was yesterday and it was pretty fantastic. We had an anniversary/ father's day picnic at our new house and I was able to get all of my immediate family and all of my DH's immediate family here. It all went amazingly well. The rain held off but did give us a nice breeze. I also didn't have my brother-in-laws new wife end up announcing a pregnancy or anything like that, cuz I know they are TTC just because we are and she has to have everything better than me. She pretends to be my friend, but she is one of those people that have to have all the attention so when she saw people checking up on me, since they know we are struggling, she decided she wants a baby. Even though they just moved out of her mother's house a few months ago. I try to make myself not care, but I know she isn't doing it for the same reason I am. I want to make my DH a daddy sooooo bad. Because he has no problems, so our infertility issues fall solely on me.
Right now I am 8 dpo. I tested this morning to make sure trigger was out of my system and got a BFN. So I can test from now on and be able to trust the results. I will test again on Wednesday morning at 10 dpo. So far no real symptoms except for some twinges here and there and some light cramping. Still trying to be hopeful and doing my damnest to keep the stress to a minimum.

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  1. Good job, DH! Haha..that's gorgeous. I'm sorry you have to deal with your BIL and his g/f. You'll get yours soon. And think.. IF it does happen to them first, then it happesn to you.. you can show her how to be a REAL mommy.

    Don't give up hope. And I'm glad your weekend went well! <3