Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Twisted Ovaries and IUIs

The RE told me today that the reason I have been in so much pain is because I have a twisted ovary, but it has apparently righted itself on its own. Ovulation this weekend is going to really suck if it has hurt this much just with the little follies growing. Today (June 9th) I had two good follies, one was 16mm and one was 14mm, one in each ovary. Which is AMAZING because until now, through all 6 of my past Clomid cycles, my right ovary has been silent! I mean no little follies or anything. Completely unresponsive. And now I have a 14mm follie in it!!! Seriously! So that alone is pretty amazing. It is a step forward, which is something I haven't had in a very very long time. It feels good to at least be moving in the right direction and feel like we are getting closer to getting pregnant. It may be 2 inches in a journey that is miles long, but it is 2 inches I didn't have before. Sooner or later, all those inches are going to add up.
My doc had me move my June 11th appointment to Saturday, June 13th. He doesn't think my follies will be ready by the 11th. Which, I'm okay with, but I could technically get the HCG shot today because the follies are big enough. Whatever, the bigger the better! Maybe by Saturday I will have two crazy huge follies and then I can get the IUI the next day. That would be awesome. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping my ovaries and tubes stay uncrossed! From what I read online, twisted ovaries can end very badly. A good majority of the causes end in the woman losing her ovary! So I got lucky. I'm so thankful I'm okay that I almost feel greedy to ask for a baby this month on top of it. But who knows, maybe I've earned it this month (so to speak). If I have to deal with this pain to get pregnant, then so be it. I would walk through fire at this point if it meant I could have a baby. And it feels like I do sometimes with these crazy Clomid hot flashes! I know every other infertile woman TTC feels the exact same way though. I've never seen more devoted people. The strength I see is absolutely amazing. I wish I could be as patient and tough as my cysters out there. I find myself having a breakdown everytime AF shows. I wonder what the secret is to staying so strong. I guess you just become numb to the pain after a while.

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