Monday, June 15, 2009

Ovulated the Day of my IUI

I took my temp this morning and it spiked! Which means I ovulated yesterday and I had my IUI yesterday morning! I'm trying not to get too excited, but it is really hard to stay calm. I don't want to go getting my hopes up, but we have never had a chance this good before. Ovulating with 2 follies the day of my IUI is so absolutely fantastic! I'm taking some baby aspirin, B6, and a couple days off of work so that I give this cycle everything I have. I don't want to have any regrets. I thought about a NPC, but I'm a little worried about using it and my doctor swears I don't need it. The only bad thing about having a couple days off from work is that I have nothing to distract me and I find myself thinking about it all day. I reaaallly need a distraction so I can keep my stress level down.

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