Thursday, June 11, 2009

Doctors SUCK

My insurance has moved from little to nothing when it comes to coverage. The ultrasounds are costing $200 each now, which is ridiculous. And my doctor has this "just be patient" attitude when I ask about things like how my CM is the wrong pH and a possible progesterone problem. I'm soooooo close to going to a different doctor. If I am paying you an insane amount of money, you could atleast CARE! I'm counting pennies to afford all of these IUIs and HCG injections and Clomid prescriptions, so I would rather not waste time when there could be another problem. He has NEVER given me a blood test. He doesn't do a follow-up ultrasound to make sure I ovulated. He even thought that when I ovulated 5 days past my HCG shot and 4 days past my IUI that everything was still "in a good timeframe". I honestly don't think he cares. I would like to clear up the CM problem so that I could maybe stop the painful and expensive IUIs, but I think he is too interested in the money. If I have fertile CM, I might not need him as much. I don't make enough money to continue my fertility treatments much longer, so I really wish he would start paying attention.

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