Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Holy cold sores, Batman!

I left work this morning with two cold sores that weren't there when it showed up and it suuuuuuuucks. They hurt so bad and it makes it look like I have a huge fat lip. I figured it was just because I've had a really bad cold lately. I've been all congested and sneezing and had headaches and coughing that would make me throw up, it has been horrible. I never considered that pregnancy lowers your immune system though, so maybe being sick and getting these cold sores is a good sign. It sucks, but I tend to accept all things that could be pregnancy symptoms. I googled whether cold sores could be a sign of pregnancy and I got a mixed of answers. Some said yes, definately, because pregnancy lowers the immune system and it actually tends to be very common in pregnant women. A few others completely denounced it, saying the hormones don't cause it and it would be too early to experience anything in the TWW anyway. I know for a fact that some women experience very early pregnancy symptoms so why would a cold sore be any different. It seem logical to me. Maybe that is just wishful thinking though.

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